Our Story

"Our jewelry and accessories reflect the strength and freedom we’ve gained through our life on the road. The trinkets, stones, and bones in our pieces were all found and gathered from our travels."

- Katie and Sarahfey

Daughters of Bastards is a handmade chainmaille jewelry business founded in 2009 by wild-spirited core-sisters Katie and Sarahfey Sandberg. The Sandbergs’ fierce bond and indomitable spirit were forged during years of nomadic living on the roads of North America: hitchhiking, hopping freight trains and finding communities of underground travelers wherever they roamed. D.O.B. was born from the belief that you make your own way in the world and rock out no matter the road you’re traveling down. Now the sisters’ untamable vibe is available in D.O.B. jewelry, chainmaille and accessories.

The sisters first learned the art of chainmaille from a fellow traveler in New Orleans, and started D.O.B. shortly afterward. As demand for their pieces grew, Sarahfey and Katie expanded their skill set, incorporating handmade leather and jewelry into their work, and sought out mentors in craftspeople all over North America. The sisters custom-craft each D.O.B. piece, hand-coiling each chain and hand-cutting each link, then piece the chainmaille together. D.O.B. wearable art is strong enough to protect hearts and elegant enough to amp up any personal style. Rock it hard, wild child!