DOB News


New Collection!

"Choice Bit of Calico" photos have just been added to our facebook page for viewing. This spring collection is 1920's -1940's gangster and flapper inspired wear. Photographs, hair and makeup by Yula Stachelski. Models: Melissa Latulippe and Joanie Lacelle.

FAll Promo Video "Amber Falls"

This video of DOB fall fashion was shot in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada and was made by Hannah C Productions. Hannah is amazing and you can see more of her videos here. This video features Model Roberta Watt.


Contest Winner Picked

Congrats to the winner of our Facebook photo contest! Winners where picked by fellow DOB fans by the number of likes each photo received. See the rest of the entries here. We plan on more contests soon, so keep an eye out!


Winter Collection

Winter 2013 collection brings the Crow: omen of change. This messenger represents being fearless, determination, personal transformation and viewing life from a higher perspective. See the Collection.


One of a Kind Vest

On of a kind. Completely Hand made by daughters of bastards. Black leather vest hand sewn and chainmaille covers both top of the front and back. Some tassles are feather shaped. Each link hand cut coiled and crafted to insure a kick ass good quality cuts. See more here.


DOB Custom Jewelry

We've collected pictures of some of our custom work. We've made some awesome armour over the years. You can check the album out here to get inspiration for your own custom piece.



Our Autumn line is finished! Wearing these amber pieces will bring patience, protection and clarity. Rock them each day to heighten intellectual abilities and inspire romantic love. More pictures here. Model: Roberta Watt; Photographer: Sarahfey Sandberg


Death to The Soul Sucker Collection

This collection is about Decisions. Retrieving the power to make them, the confidence for no regret, and the freedom to move on. These are one of a kind and will not be remade. Check them out on our Facebook page. Photgrapher: Katie Sandberg; Model: Melissa Latulippe

Kinnie Starr Music Video

Music Video For Kinnie starr. This video was shot at Katie, Sarahfey and HannahC's House in Vancouver, "The Girl House Fun Palace". Artist: Kinnie Starr ; Label: Last Gang Records; Director: Ricardo Amezquita; Producer: HannahC.


Traveling Trifles Collection

One of a kind Traveling Trifles collection of Handmade pendants. Made from a collection of found objects, put together to form a travelling trifle. Objects from both Sarahfey and Katie's travels. Animal bone, tibetian skull beads, leather and chain tassles; plus metal objects. More photos here. Photgrapher: Katie Sandberg; Model: Melissa Latulippe


Easy Livin'

A photo shoot inspired by the summer heat and the feeling of freedom that comes with the carefree and spontaneous energy that summer brings every year. More photos here. Model: Roberta Watt; Photographer: Sarahfey Sandberg


Gropps Gallery Photoshoot

We joined forces with Hawks Ave again to bring you this photoshoot at Gropps Gallery in Vancouver, BC. Photographer: Delia Cummings; Model: Sara Lynn

Fall Promo

In this promo video, you get to meet our failful companions, Lucy and Sienna. This video was shot in our neighborhood at the time, on Kingsway and Clark in Vancouver B.C. This video was made by HannahC.

Down the Runway at Vancouver Fashion Week

2011 VFW brings the Spring collection of Hawks Ave, dance and rock n roll inspired fashion by the older sister of Sarahfey and Katie Sandberg. Daughters of Bastards in accessories on the models. This video was made by HannahC.

Hawks Ave at Vancouver Fashion Week

Down the Runway of Vancouver Fashion Week. Rock n Roll inspired street wear, by Hawks Ave, older sister to Sarahfey and Katie Sandberg. Daughters of Bastards chainmaille accessories. (excluding the feather accessories) This video was made by HannahC.


Creative Collaboration

More pictures here. Photographer: Nicole Gurney; Model: Willow Riley; Fashion Designer: Jenny Hedberg of Hawks Ave.


Vancouver Fashion Week

Daughters of Bastards at Vancouver Fashion Week Photos can be seen here. Model: Willow Riley

Chain Belts

More photos here. Photographer: Hannah C Productions; Model: Kamila; Makeup Artist: Kirsten Martin.

Time Lapse

Time Lapse of a DOB photoshoot. Daughters of Bastards and Hawks Ave. Sister businesses working together for the first daughters of bastards photoshoot. **Cargoh store is no longer active** Video by HannahC.

Regal Myst

Inspired by Marion Zimmer Bradley's Mists of Avalon. Morghan le faye and the Lady of the Lake. "Finding the gypsy" earring line. Earrings composed of odds and ends, trinkets and things found on our travels through New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the USA . Find more pictures here. Model: Roberta Watt; Photographer: Ryan Watt.